My Hanky is the Softest Cotton Handkerchief in the World

Since the popularity of Kleenex tissues over the past 40 plus years, fewer and fewer Americans are using a handkerchief. As a result handkerchief manufactures have been forced to lower their cost in order to maintain market share. The common handkerchief today is a far cry from the soft and fluffy cotton handkerchiefs used in the 60s. Manufacturers have shifted their focus and today virtually every handkerchief is marketed as a fashion statement. They are ultra thin, beautifully designed with aesthetically pleasing white on white striping and fancy designer’s logos. They are also paper thin nonabsorbent, made in China and extremely harsh on a sensitive nose. People have repeatedly described that using a common handkerchief today on a sensitive nose is like using a piece of sandpaper.

The softest most durable cotton hanky/handkerchief in the world

"It’s Like No Other Handkerchief In The World"

This is not just a tag line, it is a fact. My Hanky is like no other handkerchief in several ways.

It is the softest, fluffiest, and most absorbent cotton handkerchief ever manufactured. It is made in America from 100% US grown Pima Cotton, the cashmere of cotton.

This special type of cotton represents less than 5% of all the cotton grown in the US and can only be found on luxury high end apparel, and never before on a handkerchief. Its fibers are 35% longer than conventional cotton which increases its softness and luster. It is 45% stronger making it extraordinarily resilient and durable allowing it retain its brilliance for years. Most common hankies are made using a weaving process, that is one of the reasons they are so thin. MyHanky uses a knitting process called a double knit interlock which is far superior. In addition our handkerchiefs are also treated with our proprietary... Soft Cloud™... softening process. My Hanky is … Like No Other Handkerchief in The World.


We Now Have a Handkerchief for Women

Our super soft cotton women's hankies are now available with beautiful pink stitching. Unlike most women's handkerchief's that are made of harsh linen the My Hanky women's handkerchief is made of the same quality pima cotton as our standard hanky with the addition of a more feminine pink stitch, and in order to further enhance its feminine appeal for women we have also removed the logo. My Hanky women's handkerchiefs are truly the softest women's hankies in the world.

Our Cotton Handkerchiefs are Super Absorbent for Those Hot and Sweaty Days

Anyone who has ever reached for a handkerchief to wipe the sweat from their brow knows that conventional handkerchiefs just don’t cut it. They may look great with white on white striping, handsome patterns, and designer logos, but they just don’t absorb sweat. That's not the case with My Hanky.

A typical athlete may carry a handkerchief, but is more likely that they use their shirt to wipe their brow. Joggers in particular are constantly sweating and most of them are forced to carry along a sweat rag. While these are very effective, they are also bulky and cumbersome and must be tucked into their pants for the long haul. The My Hanky cotton handkerchief, ounce for ounce is far more absorbent than a sweat rag, and can be neatly folded and carried in a pocket.